What's in a frame?


Talking about it is one thing...

... knowing about it is a completely separate thing. Here at SAINT REETS we wanted to give you a brief insight into how your handcrafted frames are made. We proudly manufacture in China, which allows us to offer superior, premium optical quality frames at an accessible price point.


You've heard of acetate but what is it? Click here to find out more. The first stage of the design & manufacturing process is selecting the best material for your frame.  We purchase our cellulose acetate from Mazzucchelli, the world's best supplier. We choose colors & combine them with various finishes to express our brand. The alchemy of all elements creates another dimension to the frame.


After our frames have been designed & acetate carefully chosen, the crafting process begins. Our factory uses a CNC machine, the frame fronts are precision cut from strips of thick acetate sections.


This involves taking the acetate fronts, and then using a precision cutting tools to cut a small channel in the inner periphery of the lens hole. With this groove your frames can now be fitted with custom optical lenses or sun lenses.


Definitely not boring... This fine process requires a handheld-drill to create four small recesses in the acetate frame front. These four holes are for our solid steel rivets and five barrel hinges, or spring hinges (dependent upon your choice of frames).


Think of bridges, or that jumbo jet plane. Across the world reliable rivets hold together the strongest of structures - our frames are no exception. Using a pneumatic riveting machine, our five barrel hinges are precisely & permanently fastened to our frames & temples resulting in fixed, solid hinges.


Our frame fronts are then oven heated, before we curve them using a pneumatic press. Once at the correct temperature the frames are precisely curved by the piston.These curves make your frame comfortable to wear & allows lenses to fit more easily. To retain the shape, your frame is then plunged into cold water.


Just like smooth pebbles on a beach, over time rubbing smooths out imperfections. Tumbling our frames has the same result. We use this process to remove marks and scratches from the previous stage of machine cutting our frames. We put our frames inside large barrels with what is known as ‘tumbling media’. Very simply, the frames and media are thrown around inside the barrel via rotation to create friction and polishing. During the tumbling process, polishing wax works its way into the lens grooves and crevices - bringing the acetate back to glistening life.


Machined from stainless steel, temple rods are inserted to add strength and balance to your frames.

The frames are then ready for assembly - small screws are used to join the frame front to the temples via our riveted hinges. 

Sunglasses or spectacles, lenses are now fitted using an optical frame heater, with custom lenses sliding into the lens grooves.

As the above suggest, at SAINT REETS, our frames are made in the traditional way, and go through sixty different crafting stages of production over a period of approximately eight weeks. Our design techniques are those with a subtle yet substantial effect. We develop colors & materials and combine them with various finishes to express our brand. Just like enhancing a photograph, with the right hue and filter colors can come alive. We choose our lenses with this in mind. Making the world a better place, bringing out incredible colour and protecting your eyes from harmful rays. The alchemy of all elements creates another dimension to the experience that can only be felt and not explained.