What's in a name?


Just like yours... our name is unique.

Setting out on any journey starts on a street, road, lane or drive. Our journey took us from a street in London, UK, to a street in Atlanta, USA. All movements and paradigm shifts start from the streets. We gave ourselves a name that stood for what we are trying to achieve - do good, be fashionable.

So with our name locked down, and knowing how central streets were to our movement we set about design and crafting frames, and even this have poignant street names. Every optical frame takes its name from a historic street in London, and all sunglasses (due to the tragic weather in the UK) have a named derived from a Georgia based street name.

With a rich and colorful history, London's streets are the inspiration for the names of our optical collection. We know over the next few years we will be designing and crafting hundreds of amazing optical frames, and choosing London street names means we'll never go short of names for your frames steeped in history, just like the retrofuturistic frames that will adorn your face.

With the better climate since moving from London to Atlanta, we decided it only made sense to call our sunglasses after Georgia based street names (we wanted to keep it to Atlanta streets but seemed like everything was called Peachtree). In addition to this after wearing and testing or sunglasses we decided that they would also make bold statements as optical frames.



noun: saint; plural noun: saints

1. a person acknowledged as holy or virtuous and typically regarded as being in heaven after death.

 2. informal
 a very virtuous, kind, or patient person."she's a saint to go on living with that man"



adverb: reet; plural: reets

1. "good, proper, excellent," 1934, jazz slang, from American English dialectal pronunciation of right