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This bold combination silhouette strengthens the natural browline and suits pretty much every face shape. Built-to-last frame in both acetate and lightweight stainless steel, the optical Macklone lends itself to mornings in the office that transitions easily as a sunglass to evening strolls along the shoreline. The metal rivets aren't bad for looks either...

Designed in London, Handcrafted in China, Worn Globally.


Size: 49 - 19 / 145

Materials: These frames are handcrafted with Mazzuchelli acetate. They are equipped with STechnology, the temple and front are connected by a five-barrel hinge. Complete with SAINT REETS logo.

Frame Sustainability:

Our frames are made from cellulose acetate, a substance that is derived from the naturally occurring, organic compound cellulose -  considered to be the most common organic compound on Earth. Through a purification process, we combine wood pulp and cotton fibres, creating our custom cellulose acetate.

Because it's made from natural fibres, it is the best for your skin, is rated as one of the highest non-allergenics in the world, has a natural feel and is bio-degradable because it's from a renewable source. It's also the finest material for making glasses - soft and malleable, which feels great on the skin and allows us to craft frames in rich, complex colours.